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Extract: the 2016 national food safety awareness w

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Extract: the 2016 national food safety awareness week Chinese food rumor forum held in Beijing

    June 27, the national food safety awareness week China Food rumor forum was held in Beijing. The forum is organized by Xinhua, to jointly explore the rumor propagation path and processing mechanism, improving the scientific literacy of the public, to guide the public out of food safety cognitive errors. Deputy director of the State Food and Drug Administration Tengjia material attended the activities and speech.
    Tengjia material said that food and drug safety related to people's life and health, the relationship between social harmony and stability, is the people's livelihood problem but also a political issue, the propaganda for the food security relationship with global regulatory work. Under the new media context, often appear the network rumor to the broad masses of people to life bring great distress. To purify the environment of Internet, to refute rumors of food and transfer information science, cultivating rational society and government supervision departments shoulder heavy responsibilities.
    Tengjia material points out, build and improve the food safety management system, in addition to government departments, must also let the industry, academia, the media and consumers in the most important of which are involved. Rumor information release to have strength, but also to the temperature, the administration released into so that people are willing to listen is the key.
    Tengjia material stressed that food safety is a national public safety, stage of industrial development is easy to breed food safety rumors and false information, the new "food safety law > 141st to strengthen food safety network rumors governance law provides a basis and conditions. To construct the Shang Deshou method, the food safety supervision and social public opinion treatment, all relevant departments, social organizations, famous friends and the majority of Internet users to participate, Qi awesome, continuous exploration and innovation of food and drug safety supervision and communication, comprehensive use of legal, moral, education, technology and other means to play the" combined ", CO governance of food safety network rumors, promote the implementation of food safety strategy.
    From government regulators, industry associations, science experts, the legal profession, nearly 200 people attended the forum.



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