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Extract: plenary meeting of the Jiangxi Provincial

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    In June 17th, the meeting of the provincial Food Safety Committee held in Nanchang Provincial Committee, deputy governor, the provincial food safety committee director Mao Weiming attended and delivered a speech, deputy governor, the provincial food safety committee deputy director Xie Ru presided over the meeting, the provincial director of food safety office, provincial food and drug Supervision Bureau Director Li Jianhai and the provincial food safety committee, the provincial food safety committee members of the unit liaison and the provincial food and Drug Supervision Bureau responsible comrades, offices, units responsible for a total of more than 80 people attended the meeting. Mao Weiming fully affirmed the province's food safety work achievements, he pointed out that since last year, the provincial Party committee, the provincial government under the leadership of all localities and relevant departments to seriously practice the three three real strict requirements, food safety level overall, the province did not occur large food safety accidents, consolidate and develop the good food safety steady situation. In the food safety office of the State Council on the annual appraisal, take "Excellent" and other times, the results should be fully affirmed. Mao Weiming stressed that at present, the food safety in our province is still in the "multiple" and "weak regulatory capacity to meet the" two special period, weak industrial base, the market order should be standardized, relatively backward supervision, institutional mechanisms need to be improved, the situation is still grim. The relevant departments at all levels must be enhanced from the "Four Consciousness" height, fully understand the extreme importance of good food safety work and urgency, firmly establish the concept of development to the people as the center, with a strong sense of responsibility and mission, and resolutely implement the "four most stringent requirements, overcome difficulties, to efforts for the province's economic development and social harmony and stability provide strong security. Mao Weiming requirements, all localities and units should lead to food safety work to create a new concept of development. The new push to promote coordination, promote green, promote open sharing, promote; to promote food safety to the supply side structural reforms, the first responsible person "to grasp the enterprise bid, eliminate the food industry" unspoken rule ", lay the industrial transformation and upgrading" battle "to promote the two to create a" new carrier ", cultivate set up the" healthy consumption concept "; to grasp a solid style of work of food safety, to ensure accountability in place, job security in place, supervision and evaluation in place. Xie Ru will implement the spirit of the meeting, asked all units to quickly convey and implement the spirit of the meeting, study and formulate measures, the implementation of food safety responsibilities, continue to deepen reform and innovation, to reform" look back "; to investigate the case, crack down on crimes, strengthen capacity building, improve the level of information supervision, to achieve data sharing, the product can be caught I can risk assessment; to strengthen emergency response, strengthening emergency drills, resolute and effective disposal of food safety incidents. The provincial director of food safety office, provincial food and Drug    

    Supervision Bureau Director Li Jian reported Haitong Food Safety Office of the State Council in 2015 on the province assessment, and on behalf of the provincial food safety office summarized since last year, the a key stage of deployment: to further strengthen the regulatory measures to increase the source of governance, strengthen daily inspection, increase rectification; prevention and control of risks, use the sampling means of monitoring, early detection, early treatment, to change from passive to active; continue to increase investment, seeing hands touching the nose to smell as soon as possible to change the backward supervision situation; improve the quality of the team strengthen the county, regulatory agencies and team building, strengthening education and training, improve the professional skills; service industry development, in the review and approval, certification training, production technology, quality management etc. Comrades in charge of the city of Jiangxi Province, Jiangxi Province in <2016 surface for the enterprise to provide services. The meeting also conveyed the State Council food safety committee of the spirit of the meeting to consider the < to further strengthen the food safety work of a number of opinions > food safety key >, < Food Safety Administration accountability Interim Measures > < food safety risk consultation system >, the provincial Food Safety Office of the deputy director, food and drug safety director Liang

    Yimin 4 documents the drafting of a brief description. At the meeting, the provincial government and the districts also signed the 2016 years food safety target management responsibility for the book; the provincial agriculture department, the provincial health and Family Planning Commission, the Provincial Public Security Bureau also made a speech to the general assembly.



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