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To pay off (for external use, *30 branch 0.8g/ / b

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The use of the flooding is a medical grade carboxymethyl chitosan, also known as water soluble chitosan. With a strong antibacterial effect of antimicrobial resistance, in recent years, the use of a wide range of new chitosan raw materials in medical channels.
[main ingredient] chitosan, acetic acid chloride
[character] this product is white or white powder, no smell, no visible impurities.
[care] when the antibacterial care powder into the female reproductive tract, can form a layer of protective film in the vagina and cervix, can inhibit mold, Senseshi gonococcus, Staphylococcus aureus, Escherichia coli, white Candida and other pathogens, maintain female private parts normal clean and comfortable.
[scope] for the female vaginitis, cervicitis, cervical erosion, menstrual period and after abortion cervical sub health maintenance.
For external use, before going to bed will be equipped with antibacterial nursing powder of the pushing device gently into the deep vagina, the use of help push rod will be pushed into the powder every 2 days with one, five for one cycle.
[note] [note]
1, this product for external use, avoid oral.
2, allergies, virgin, pregnant women, the menstrual period is not suitable for use.
3, can not be used as the prevention of sexually transmitted diseases in sexual life.
4, the use of product characteristics change is prohibited.
5, please put the product in the place where children can not contact.
[health permit] Gan Wei Xiao (2012) No. 0036;
[executive standard] Q/JXS001-2013;
[Specification] 0.8g/ branch *30 / box;
[storage] to keep away from light, sealed and stored in a cool place;
[Effective] 24 months;
[manufacturing enterprise] three anti Health Products Co., Ltd., Jiangxi province;
[address] Nanchang City Anyi Industrial Park, Phoenix Road No. 8 three anti industrial park;
[telephone] 0791-87679780;
[url] //www.snmxz.com.


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