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Extract: Vice Premier Wang Yang attended the nat

【Author: sankang】   【Updated: 2016-06-22 11:03:21】   【Font Size: Large Medium Small

    These years, governments at all levels to conscientiously implement the Party Central Committee, the State Council a series of decisions about food safety work of the deployment, the implementation of general secretary Xi Jinping proposed "four most stringent requirements, to the most stringent standards, the most stringent regulation, the most severe punishment, the most serious accountability, strengthen the food safety work the National People's Congress. The revised food safety law, the new food safety law propaganda, carry out, implement the deepening of the National People's Congress Standing Committee to carry out a special inspection of law enforcement, a strong impetus to the work of food safety. All producers continue to improve production standards and quality safety control system, promote the agricultural and food production and operation scale, standardization, brand performance, production and management responsibility, improve the food quality and safety standards. All kinds of media to actively promote the report of food safety regulations and policies, give full play to the role of public opinion, the exposure of food safety The field of criminal acts, jizhuoyangqing, let the criminals nowhere to hide. More and more consumers to pick up the legal weapons, complaints adulterated, illegal acts illegally added, actively safeguard their legitimate rights and interests, take practical action to safeguard food safety. Many experts and scholars, science workers, and actively contribute to the food safety work and suggestions to improve. The national food safety science literacy blocks. Just as the announcement shows that the maintenance of food safety has become the whole society's behavior. It is the efforts of everyone, so that our food safety and maintain overall stability to improve the situation, ensure the masses of food safety. To achieve such results in such a a developing country with a large population, profound changes in the economic system, it is the depth of interest structure adjustment period, especially. Infant formula milk powder of our factory, the implementation of the most stringent quality and safety risk control of the whole process from raw materials to finished products, the sampling qualified rate above 99%, the quality of security, security too, for Chinese dairy, China of milk, we should have enough confidence. Comrades, friend children, food safety is not "zero risk", but "the risk of food safety supervision must be zero tolerance to.1%, a consumer, a family head, 100% are unsafe. Therefore, we must practice the development thought of taking people as the center, adhere to the people's interests first, adhere to innovation, coordination. Green, open, sharing development, adhere to the law and morality, social governance, accelerate the modernization of the food safety administration, ensure safety," production "and" tube "in place, and effectively prevent the risk of food safety, so that the people share the food as soon as possible Results of product safety development. To ensure food safety, the government should strengthen the basis, improve the Suntech law system safeguard. Morality as the foundation of our country, the rule of law. Jack to adhere to the rule of law to implement the newly revised food safety law, the implementation of the "four most stringent requirements, to speed up the revision of laws regulations, perfect covering from planting and breeding, production and processing to the circulation and consumption of the whole chain of the most stringent regulatory system, the formation of the market order of fair competition, promote the adjustment of agriculture and food supply structure. To improve the food safety information disclosure and dissemination system, the timely release of product inspection, supervision of law enforcement, consumer warning, case investigation information, severely challenges the conscience of the bottom line of the the illegal behavior, to promote the enterprise to improve the management level of supporting the superior and eliminating the inferior, quality and safety. In order to improve the food safety supervision system unified authority, the implementation of the national strategic plan for food safety, strict construction Efficient social system of governance, to provide effective protection for the system of food safety supervision. To ensure food safety, enterprises should adhere to honesty, law-abiding Suntech moral bottom line. The food industry is the conscience of the food industry, entrepreneurs who want to flow the blood of morality, with the spirit of the rule of law, conscientiously fulfill their legal obligations and responsibilities, sound from the source of procurement according to production, warehousing and logistics to the quality and safety management system, the implementation of sales traceability, recall of the system and the main responsibility, strictly from farm to table every product quality. To adapt to the food industry supply side structural reform, strengthen the technological transformation and technological innovation, quality products to win market trust and consumers. To strengthen food practitioners integrity education and production practices training, make Suntech law truly become the basic tenets of the food industry, become Food handlers are internalized in the heart of occupation ethics. To ensure food safety, media supervision and guidance, promote positive energy Suntech law. We should give full play to the role of public opinion, exposure, exposed food safety crime, found in food safety supervision loopholes and problems, put forward constructive criticism and rational advice advice. Press reports, from the maintenance of people's health and life, maintain the healthy development of the food industry, adhere to the authenticity, impartiality, people, do not spread rumors, do not distort the facts and attract eyeball "title party", and actively carry out risk communication and knowledge, guide the rational consumer awareness of food safety the problem, to lead the whole society to care for and support the work of food safety. Experts and scholars should pay attention to the publicity in the food safety science, special function of risk communication, let the rumors stop wise Who let science popular. Now, China journalists represent news media issued a media publicity proposal. We sincerely hope that the news media consciously fulfill the initiative, adhere to the professional spirit of journalism ethics and justice, purification media ecological environment, promote the Suntech positive energy law. To ensure food safety, the public to actively participate in the inheritance of Suntech law excellent character. Everyone is concerned about food safety, safeguard food safety is everyone's responsibility. The majority of consumers to respect the law, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of scientific knowledge and legal weapons. We want to continue to open the channels of public participation, build a platform for public participation, the implementation of the reporting system prizes to encourage the public to join the food safety information officer, Xieguanyun team defend food safety, fight a people's war, so that criminals can not hide. Comrades, friends, these years of food Food Safety Awareness Week activities, let us more strongly feel the community concerns about food safety issues, to participate in food safety governance enthusiasm, to share the development of food safety bonus expectations, and therefore are food safety work to be done. "Suntech law, the sharing of food safety governance, not only is the propaganda week activities slogan is the combination of the social consensus action. Let us act, food safety to guard the survival, and jointly create   Suntech law spiritual home. During the week, the various departments, various aspects will also hold a variety of theme activities, hope that we carefully organized and fruitful, do the momentum, unique! Now, I announced the 2016 national food safety awareness week officially launched!



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