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Extract: in 2016 the province's food safety awaren

【Author: sankang】   【Updated: 2016-06-14 19:20:49】   【Font Size: Large Medium Small

    Province, the city's food and drug regulatory departments and units directly under the cadres and workers, business representatives, representatives of the public, volunteer representatives, a total of more than 600 friends of the news media friends to participate in the launch ceremony.

    Cao Qi at Startup Ceremony pointed out that in the field of food form is de law-abiding good habits, needs the joint efforts of all aspects of the society. Enterprises should become is de law-abiding "stick", regulatory authorities to become is de law-abiding "guide", the social from all walks of life to become Shang Deshou positive energy of the "transfer", let Shang De law become a common social value orientation, form the benign interaction, share the achievements of governance. After Cao Qi speech, on behalf of the enterprise are law-abiding integrity of production operations on-site oath, volunteers on behalf of makes a social governance initiative, and held a flash, parkour, etc. in various forms of propaganda performances.

    After the ceremony, the provincial food and drug administration, Provincial Department of agriculture, Provincial Planning Commission, Provincial Bureau of quality and technical supervision, the provincial Trade and Industry Bureau, Jiangxi entry exit inspection and Quarantine Bureau, and other units of the organization of professional and technical personnel to carry out on-site consultation, identification of counterfeit food, knowledge contests, and other promotional activities. Provincial public security department, Provincial Department of agriculture, provincial industry and Information Committee, Provincial Health Plan Planning Commission, Provincial Department of education, Provincial Department of Commerce, Provincial Tourism Development Commission, Provincial Grain Bureau, the Provincial Association for science and technology, Jiangxi entry exit inspection and quarantine Bureau, Nanchang Railway Bureau with their respective functions and characteristics of the industry, a typical case of the panels in the form of food safety knowledge propaganda and.

    This year's food safety publicity Week activities, at the provincial level, in addition to jointly launching ceremony was held, all departments are arranged corresponding campaign. At the local level, municipalities, County Food Safety Office jointly with the relevant departments and units, but also held publicity week venue activities. At the same time, all, all relevant departments mobilize and guide various types of social organizations, professional organizations, carry out publicity and propaganda of popular science and food safety programs, and strive to in the whole society to create food safety of shared governance in the atmosphere.



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