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Four pharmacological effects of chitin

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Four pharmacological effects of chitin

    1, antibacterial and anti infective chitin and its various derivatives have different degrees of anti infection, with chitin six as the best.

    Small molecular chitosan is protonated ammonium, the cell membrane and the protonated ammonium bacteria with negative charge, adsorption and coagulation of bacteria, and penetrate into the cell wall of the cells, disrupt bacterial synthesis and The new supersedes the old. has antibacterial effect. Xia Wenshui, Wu Yannan research, the molecular weight is the strongest inhibitory effect of deacetylation of chitin 1500 in Escherichia coli, as the molecular weight increases, decreases in bacteriostasis. It found that chitosan of Guanghua, Staphylococcus aureus, Escherichia coli, intestinal knot tip Yeershi bacteria, Salmonella typhimurium and Lester Listeria bacteria had higher inhibition effect. Professor Wu Qingji Chinese Textile University has been successfully made of chitin non-woven fabric, film, coating and other medical gauze dressing for clinical, the non-woven chitin acetic acid with excellent air permeability performance, for Large area burns and burns, anti infection and promote wound healing effect is very good. At present, Shanghai City, the annual production of chitin about 100 tons of medical materials.

    2, reducing blood lipid and preventing arteriosclerosis

    Wei Tao used synthetic diet containing 1% cholesterol and 0.2% sodium deoxycholate feeding rats 28 days in hyperlipidemia induced by oral administration of chitosan at the same time, to observe its effect on hyperlipidemia. The high fat control group and low, high dose experimental group. The results showed that chitosan chitin, compared to the control group, high dose group of total cholesterol and triglyceride content and high fat, the former is reduced by 10.5% and 14.2%, the latter was reduced by 18.8% and 26.1%, low, high dose of the three experimental groups of high density lipoprotein cholesterol and high fat control group, increased by 16.5%, and oral acetyl chitin lipid-lowering tests in 31 cases of adult patients with hyperlipidemia and 32.7% 50.4%. Gu Yun, 30 days after the inspection, cholesterol, triglyceride and low density lipoprotein cholesterol decreased, decreased high density lipoprotein cholesterol, lipoprotein had no obvious change.

    3, antiviral

    Many scientists has the confirmed the proof of amino chitin sulfate antiviral activity.Derek Horton, containing chitin derivatives of SO42 - chitin sulfonated derivatives could inhibit mammalian virus infection: significantly inhibited. In 1992, Vorcellotti etc. of virus in the blood, especially the inhibition and treatment of HIV infection, inhibit the replication of IC50 for 7 micrograms / ml, but also to Laosheshi leukemia virus and herpes simplex virus suppression.

    4, anti tumor

    Small molecule chitin has excellent anti-tumor activity, especially chitin six, which has a strong inhibitory effect on tumor.



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