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Convergence of three anti love promoting the respe

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Convergence of three anti love promoting the respect of virtue

"Three anti love respecting bank into the District of new town homes for flow

    May 26, three anti love charity helping fund committee (hereinafter referred to as the three anti Love Fund) to carry out the "three anti - loving homes for the elderly," theme activities into the area of the new town homes for the elderly to flow, and flow Town homes for the elderly to donate the value of more than 10 million yuan of three anti for multiple CIS products and 5000 yuan in cash. President of the "three anti - love respect theme activities consists of three anti love fund, three anti corporate vice president Yu army captain.

At 10 o'clock in the morning, carrying love funds "three anti - love respect," the team arrived at town homes for the elderly hospital flow within. Fu car, it has been flow Town, deputy mayor Wu Di, warm welcome to Hu Zhen gerocomium Dean Song Fachang and geracomiums 40 more than their elders.

At the donation ceremony, Yu always made a brief speech, first conveyed the three anti corporate founder, chairman of Mr. Yu Xintang to all the old friends greetings and good wishes; secondly, the vision of three anti corporate entrepreneurship and three anti charity undertakings; thirdly, detailed product effect and how to use; finally, Yu the total person "three anti love respecting" cash donation to the president Mr. Song Fachang, for improving the elderships living environment, and to the hospital you elders donated three more health products and anti clockwise blessing. When the elders received gifts both hands tightly holding the hands of Yu Zong, excited tears, thank the chairman Yu Miss Yu, thank total care, thanks to three enterprises of all anti love has always been meticulous care and selfless dedication, and I wish the three anti enterprise on the upgrade, create brilliant.

Three anti Love Fund staff with the hospital you elders together posed for pictures, and sequentially farewell wish the elderships happy, health and longevity.




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