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Application of chitin chitosan in functional food

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Chitin and chitosan is safe and nontoxic natural polymer, is the only natural polysaccharide in alkaline polysaccharide, with many excellent physical and chemical properties and physiological functions. There are many special functional groups in the molecular chains, making it than other synthetic polymer is more suitable for the field of functional food. To sum up, the application of chitin and chitosan in functional food has the following three aspects:

    Chitosan because of the particularity of the structure and has many unique physiological functions, the activity of chitosan molecular weight, degree of deacetylation, viscosity, density and other factors on. Deacetylation degree is higher, the higher biological activity. High degree of deacetylation of Chitosan on human cells have good affinity, can activate and repair cells and from cells of the deep of human integral regulation. Chitosan is has the function of health care and of modern diseases have the role of adjuvant therapy of excellent material.

    Based on the findings of a study, chitosan can and in vivo lipid combine to form complex or complexes to make it with the feces and this kind of composite material will also combined with a lot of lipids. The chitosan or chitosan fatty acid salt as a fat removal agent is added to food, made slimming food. If using chitosan fatty acid salt as a weight loss food additive effect will be better.

    Chitosan can be used for the production of edible film, in order to improve the fracture toughness of. And because of its excellent antibacterial properties, against Staphylococcus aureus, Escherichia coli, small intestine node inflammatory Yersinia, Salmonella typhimurium and Iist a single nuclear hyperplasia bacteria these five kinds of common food poisoning bacteria have better inhibitory effect, and can be used as a safe and non-toxic green food preservatives.



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