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[1999 - 1998]

June 1998, the National Institute of the Yellow Sea, the senior researcher Miu Zenian to the company to guide the construction of more than the production line.

In September 15, 1998, conform to the trend of health care in China, Jiangxi Province, the chemical industry school as the main body of Jiangxi Province, three anti Health Products Co., Ltd. was established.

November 1998, the Jiangxi Provincial Planning Commission to support the development of more than the project.

In March 8, 1999, more than a few chitosan won the National Health Ministry of health food approval certificate.

May 19, 1999, for multiple CIS chitosan one-time production success, vice governor of Jiangxi Province Huang Fanheng, Jiangxi Province CPPCC Vice Chairman Zhang Huakang, Jiangxi Provincial Planning Commission, provincial science and Technology Commission, Jiangxi Province chemical industry department leaders visit to congratulate the company and inspection work.

In July 1999, for many CIS awarded Jiangxi province science and technology of Jiangxi province key new product certificate.

December 1999, for more than the 99 Jiangxi Food Fair Organizing Committee was named outstanding products.

[2009 - 2000]

May 2000, for more than 2000 of the annual national new product certificate.

In 2000, the number of chitosan was listed as the Torch Program in Jiangxi province.

In September 23, 2002, the company was awarded the "integrity unit" honorary title by the Consumer Association of Jiangxi province.

In 2002, the company carried out the responsibility system to operate, and entered the correct track of rapid development of the market.

In September 2002, general manager Yu Xintang established conference marketing business strategy, products to the rapid expansion of the various provinces and cities nationwide.

October 2002, started in Liuzhou, Guangxi market, and then the Guangxi market in full swing, for the first time into the other provinces of the market operation.

In 2003, the Beijing, Guangdong, Southeast of the regional market.

January 2004, Guangzhou, the establishment of a number of Shun marketing center, to carry out the work of national investment and market support.

January 8, 2004, Jiangxi Province, won the award for the elderly activity center recommended brand.

April 2004, the company under the guidance of the Jiangxi provincial SASAC, the smooth implementation of the restructuring, the chairman of the board to establish a leadership team, the company has entered the rapid development of the track.

In May 2004, the company moved to Nanchang hi tech Development Zone, the new site.

In 2004, the company implemented health food GMP transformation, the same year in October, successfully passed the national health food GMP certification, product production and quality has been a more powerful guarantee.

In January 2005, in the provincial science and Technology Department, provincial Civil Affairs Bureau of the strong support, the company founded in Jiangxi Province three anti therapeutic research, product development, the popularity of national diet provides strong scientific backing.

2005 the beginning of the new year, chairman Mr. Yu Xintang proposed marketing model innovation plan, implementation science services marketing, established in Nanchang City three anti health club, enhance the promotion of the national investment, implementation of the "three anti health club" national chain unified marketing model, initiated the three anti health new milestone.

In February 2006, the company set up the Department of Jiangxi, Jiangxi province to expand the model market, and many schools work together to hold three anti marketing classes for the national market to train professional health care products marketing personnel.

In May 2007, the company in Anyi industrial park land foundation, build a new production base for scientific research.

In March 2008, the company received the "business enterprise credit commitment unit" honorary title.

October 2008, for more Shun (China) business development center as China's outstanding green products.

In October 2008, the company was rated as "quality, service, reputation AAA" by China Light Product Quality Assurance Center.

In 2008, Japan's Fuji bamboo production corporation president Mr. Tsuruno, vice president Mr. Shan solution to the company inspection order.

In December 2008, Anyi Wang Xiaoping county magistrate and Anyi Development Zone Yellow director, director Yang to company work inspection 2009 March, the company headquarters move smoothly Anyi new plant, three anti Anyi Industrial Park officially put into operation.

In March 2009, the company received the "integrity of the commitment to advanced units," the honorary title.

In August 2009, the development and research of Xihu District City, Nanchang City, obtained the first prize of scientific and technological progress.

September 2009, for more Shun in the first National Forum on traditional Chinese medicine in traditional Chinese medicine was named the "sub health conditioning recommended products".

In September 2009, Xintang chairman Yu was named "outstanding figures of TCM.

In 2009, after 11 years of development, the successful formation of the establishment of the three anti corporate (Hongkong) International Group, the company to the international market.

[2012 - 2010]

In 2010, in 2010 by China Light Product Quality Assurance Center as the "national quality assessment of the quality of products".

In February 5, 2010, the company obtained the national food production license QS demonstration.

In 2010, the company's production of chitosan, chitosan oligosaccharide was listed as the Nanchang City, a major high-tech industrial projects.

In 2010, the three anti - "Five - flavor shell oligosaccharide" capsule was invented patent certificate.

In 2010, the president of Hongkong and chairman of Xintang Yu in Hongkong health care association Ms. Zhou Weiqing exchange.

In July 2011 three, the new research and development "for anti dasom approval certificate card five taste chitosan capsule" national health food.

In January 2012, three against the demand for more than a few chitosan was Nanchang City Cancer Association as a member of the satisfaction of products"

In January 2012, the company became the Nanchang City Cancer Association executive director of the unit"

In January 2012, the company became a member of the association of Chinese health care unit

In January 2012, the three anti - demand multi - Shun series products were named the China Health Care Association "recommended brand"


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